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Mechanical castings

1、Our product

The company mainly produces casting, sand casting plant construction area of 60000m2, also has resin sand, silica sol casting process capability, casting annual capacity 30000T, the largest steel casting 20T, cast iron 26T, minimum 0.5 kg casting. The company has a furan, alkali phenolic resin sand production line 2 (including 40t / h Mobile Mixer, 20t / h and 10t / h Fixed Mixer); 0.5T / 1T / 2T / 3T / 6T / 15T IF each furnace 2; 8T EAF, 10TAOD refining furnace each 1; all kinds of shot blasting machines and heat treatment equipment, and other sets of casting equipment.

2、Our service

Bid devices are new, unused. Mature technology has manufacturing competencies and years of production performance, casting equipment (tree means sand), machining (CNC machine tools), quality assurance, performance tests and completeness of supply, installation and commissioning guidance for free. Processing quality faults: equipment operation if found quality problems, immediately responded to the scene after receiving information and processing within 24-36 hours, until resolved. Regular visits to customers, understanding the user to change views on casting, and constantly improve the quality of casting.

3、Our advantage

1, strong research and development, hiring a team of German experts, the cast Association experts to do the technical guidance; 2, high-end production equipment, with electric arc furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, AOD, Italy IMF, computer temperature heat treatment furnace; 3, advanced testing equipment strong, using the most advanced detection equipment at home and abroad to build a laboratory for chemical analysis, physical properties of the laboratory, sand laboratory, X-ray film laboratories and the like; 4, broad prospects for cooperation, high-end production of ductile iron, high chromium cast iron, low alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex steel and the like; 5, fast sample production, the use of advanced simulation software to optimize mold making, pouring riser design, casting simulation and other key aspects, the first time to provide qualified samples. 6, stable production, has two production lines imported fast; 7, complete value chain, according to customer requirements to complete the rough, roughing, finishing, assembling, painting, rush, shipping, and create greater value for our customers.

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