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Two-way stainless steel pump casing

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Two-way stainless steel pump casing

General Summary: Available materials will be illustrated by ASTM standards only. Materials with same chemical contents but entitled differently shall be considered as AVAILABLE. Available materials cover Carbon Steel ASTM A216;Low Alloy Steel A217; stainless steel A351 CF3, CF3M, CF8, CF8M; Low temperature steel ASTM A352; Duplex stainless steel ASTM A890 1A (CD4MCu), 2A (CE8MN), 3A (CD6MN), 4A(CD3MN), 5A, (CE3MN), 6A(CD3MWCuN), 1B(CD4MCuN) Hi-Cr iron,C12A etc. Max. weight 15 tons.

It is applicable to water supply and drainage in factory, mine, city, power station, agriculture irrigation and all kinds of hydraulic engineering.

Inspection: MT ASTM E-125, PT ASTM E-165, UT ASTM A-609, RT ASTM E-94, SCRATA ASTM A-802, ONH gas level analyze, inclusion test, Corrosion resistance test, Analyze austenite and ferrite; As-Cast tolerance CT9.

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